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Transforming Creativity from Product to Experience

Transforming Creativity from Product to Experience Design

Product design and products have changed significantly over the past years. Designing an appealing product is not enough anymore. Consumers today are expecting holistic product experiences and sustainable innovation. In a world of limited natural resources and tighter regulations, thoughtful industrial design harmonizes product, life and nature and supports consumers on the journey towards a more sustainable future.

In order to align with this paradigm shift, companies and Creative Designers need to rethink their own creative workflows. Breaking the silos of the conventional processes, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a game changer as it provides a unified digital industrial design workflow based on a single source of information. Providing access to current data in real time, the platform is substantially changing the way stakeholders inside or outside of a company eco-system communicate and collaborate. With CATIA Creative Design solutions on the 3DXPEREINCE platform we enable Creatives to ideate, design and validate their consumer experiences in a virtual environment at any stage of the process. As a result, sustainable innovation and new consumer experiences are achievable faster and more efficient than ever.

Watch the videos to get a quick overview about the solutions we offer and the benefit you gain using them.

Sustainable Design

We must collectively move from a culture of "creating in the absence of limits" to "creating in a limited world".
We have reached a moment in human history where we must design for sustainability and the impact on society. If we want to shift individual and collective behavior toward sustainability, we first need to engage people with compelling reasons to do so — with meaningful, beautiful, emotional experiences.

Product Experience with CATIA

Experience products in a virtual creative space at any time in the design process. Validate and review user experiences and product concepts to make design decisions in collaboration with your peers & stakeholders.                                                                                            

Creative Design

From art to part – imagine & shape the world with CATIA creative design solutions. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a completely integrated industrial design workflow, leveraging the power of social ideation & collaboration.
Quickly move from first 2D sketches to 3D concept models & class A, while photo realistic rendering is at your fingertip at any stage of the product development.

Surface Refinement | Class A

For over 30 years, ICEM Surf defined the state of the art for explicit surface refinement. Building on this legacy, we are opening new horizons with the ICEM Design Experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, featuring an innovative user experience and a revolutionary soft-parametric modeling paradigm.

3D Shape Designer

Enable creative design anytime, anywhere on any device, with web browser Applications for 3D Design, Freeform shape sculpting and Pattern design.



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