Latest release

ICEM Surf 2018

We are pleased to announce the availability of our latest release ICEM Surf 2018, the industry-leading Explicit Class A surface modeling, analysis and visualization solution. Our customer-centric approach ensures ICEM Surf continues to deliver a Class A surfacing environment suitable for your real-world design requirements.

ICEM Surf continues to extend and improves its core modeling capabilities

ICEM Surf 2018 brings time saving and productivity improvements to the Class-A surface design phases with numerous customer driven enhancements to core surface refinement modeling capabilities including additional ergonomic and infrastructure improvements to further optimize user workflow, including enhancements to Styling Corner, Curve Blend, Offset, Accelerated Surface etc. to further improve user workflow and design capabilities. Release 2018 also introduces a new product ICEM Surf HMD into the portfolio. Used to support VR design reviews using HMD devices, the user within an immersive environment takes benefit from faster and more efficient workflows for reviewing 3D models.

ICEM Surf keeps improving its analysing tools

Many ergonomic & functional improvements have been provided within ICEM Surf 2018 for an even more efficient workflow to analyse complex geometry including additional Safety Analysis capability “Tornado” to aid compliancy with automotive safety standards. For questions related to all the information outlined in this announcement letter or to receive a copy of ICEM Surf 2018 media, please contact your Dassault Systèmes ICEM Surf sales representative who will be happy to assist you in assessing your options and in balancing your technical needs. 

ICEM Surf packages for schools and students

Additionally, release 2018 continues to support Academia domain for Universities, Design Schools & Students. To find out more information, please visit