ICEM Surf Key Advantages

Creation, Modification, Analyze & Visualization are the fundamental components commonly used in the daily workflow for developing high end Class-A Surface model.

From 2D to 3D

In the rapidly changing and competitive world of product design, Stylists & Product designers are increasingly pushing the boundaries of their ideation and 2D designs & sketches to meet the demands of their customers.  Bringing those ideas and designs to life in an efficient and easy to use 3D surface modeling solution often begins with the creation of Curve and Surface geometry. Here ICEM Surf provides those industry leading creation tools to fulfill that task. No matter the shape complexity of the idea or 2D sketch… ICEM Surf most probably can provide the solution to create and realize it within 3D.

Stylists, Designers very often change their mind… that’s what they do!

Realizing those changes driven from the customer or because of engineering constraints, does not mean you start again. As you would expect, accompanying the strong and extensive curve and surface creation tools within ICEM Surf are the Modification tools. Offering a wide and comprehensive array of tools that not only support the user in making those changes from as small as a micron movement, that cannot be seen by the naked eye yet it can impact on the smoothness of highlight line stylist design intent, to the Global modeling of the entire shape, ICEM Surf provide user workflow optimized and ergonomic tools that allow you to makes those changes in a highly productive environment.

How do I know my shape is correct?

knowing the shape you have created and modified meets the design intent and engineering and/or legastitive constraints, requires both due diligence and regular analysis from the Class–A designer not only at the completion stage but throughout the modeling design process. ICEM Surf again provides the industry leading analytical tools that support the user from analyzing the smallest criteria of a position, the smoothness and curvature of a curve or surface, to the more complex requirements of analyzing the Surface Highlights or it’s compliancy with legal Safety criteria. With all analytical tools both optimized for both performance and ergonomic usage, they easily fit into the natural workflow of a Class-A design process.

But does the shape still look correct?

Not only at the end of the modeling but throughout the iterative design process, the Stylist, Product Design and even the Class-A design will often wish to visualize in a more realistic appearance. Often simulation of the physical materials used on the end product need to be visualized not only on the product itself but in a more realistic environment to truly get more lifelike experience. ICEM Surf throughout the design process can facilitate that need in a simple to use yet embedded within the core infrastructure, a real-time rendering environment and advanced tools to your design to life. From the application of materials, the configuration of light sources, shadows, ambiences, reflections, the realism is there at the touch of button. And for those wanting more….our direct interface with 3DEXCITE Deltagen solution, can bring the ‘Real’ into ‘Realism’.