ICEM Surf Connectivity

Data exchange and integration for a seamless workflow

ICEM Surf Direct Interfaces to communicate with other systems

Supporting three Add-on direct Interface modules to allow the user to exchange CAD data with other dedicated CAD systems without the use of a neutral file format. ICEM Surf CATIA V4 Interface supports the direct data transfer between ICEM Surf and CATIA V4. ICEM Surf UNIGRAPHICS Interface supports the bi-directional direct data exchange between ICEM Surf and the CAD/CAM System Unigraphics NX. ICEM Surf CATIA V5* Interface supporting data transfer between ICEM Surf and CATIA V5.
*Available through Dassault System software partner.

ICEM Surf to 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN Direct Integration

For those demanding more advanced visualization and realism, included within our ICEM Surf Realtime Rendering add-on module is the capability to directly integrate with Dassault Systemes 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN world’s leading high-performance real-time visualization software. Supporting the import of both Reference Manager (.rms) and ICEMDB (*.icem) files, data is directly read into DELTAGEN from an active ICEM Surf session, preserving both material properties and textures. In addition any changes to the ICEM Surf session can also be easily reflected in DELTAGEN session via a quick update without the need to re-import your data.


Used as the default and native database  of ICEM Surf, the ICEMDB file format, used for the daily part definition and data storage of a designers work, supporting data Import/Export between both CATIA V5 or 3DEXPERERIENCE Platform solutions, thus elevating the need for a 3rd party data conversion tool to used.

ICEM Surf PLM-Link integration into any existing PLM environment

As an add-on module, ICEM Surf PLM-Link with an open and flexible architecture is designed to integrate ICEM Surf into a variety of PLM systems currently available in the marketplace, allowing ICEM Surf digital assets to be shared more easily with the rest of the your engineering and design systems to improve workflow and data integrity.
This integration helps to reduce training requirements for casual users or non-technical management, when performing product reviews, whilst applying all the benefits of using a PLM system, like revision control, data security and version control.