ICEM Surf Add-On Module

Accelerated surface creation with specialized analyzing tools, safety analyzes, reverse engineering functions

ICEM Surf Master - powerful surface creation, modification and diagnosis capabilities

An add-on Core module, ICEM Surf Master provides advanced tools to name a few for example, Feature Design that supports the rapid generation of design variants whilst maintaining the original design intent and quality or Global Offset to define wall thickness of Plastic or Sheet metal components or Global Blend to elegantly fill gaps between surfaces with extensive optional user management of the internal shape and its continuities. Additionally to simulate manufacturing processes, the Crowning tool allows the designer to compensate for the spring-back behavior of sheet metal after the pressing process.

ICEM Surf Magic - further extends the global modelling techniques to modify existing designs with dynamic manipulation of reference geometry

An add-on Core module, ICEM Surf Magic as its name suggests provides industry leading tools to perform dynamic Global geometry modifications to produce quick generation and modification of design variants for similar new models and concepts. The Unified Modelling environment allows the user to model either native ICEM Surf or Imported data both globally and dynamically (in real-time) whilst it is simultaneously being projected onto reference data.

ICEM Surf Advanced Tools - dedicated industry defined, surface modeling and analysis capabilities

As an add-on module, ICEM Surf Advanced Tools enables users to take benefit from Industry driven advanced surfacing capabilities that deliver high productivity gains to aid the modeling and design of atheistically shapes, driven by styling and engineering criteria. Supporting styling, engineering and manufacturing criteria within a component design, the designer can quickly generate complex shapes such as Gaps, Accelerated Surfaces, Advanced Fillets with powerful analysis tools to detect problem areas such as Gaps, Leveling, Flatness before manufacturing begins to avoid costly and time-consuming modification and re-testing loops, which in turn reduces the need for physical prototypes. In total we provide 11 geometrical functions and 5 analysis tools.

ICEM Surf Safety Analysis - analyze potential head impact zones

The ever increasing legislation surrounding the passive safety of automobiles continues to influence the design and protective properties in potential regions of head impact on the exterior and interior components of a vehicle design.
An add-on module, ICEM Surf Safety Analysis is used to detect sharp edges and corners on a 3D model that may cause injuries, using a sphere simulating a human head that is rolled along the selected geometry to detect for curvature radii below a minimum value. Providing instant feedback for early detection and removal of potential homologation safety issues to check Safety Law compliance. No need to wait for expensive physical prototypes before testing can start.

ICEM Surf Scan Modelling - an efficient management of dense point clouds.

As an add-on module, ICEM Surf Scan Modelling enables users to manage dense, ordered, or random point clouds imported from automatic laser and photo digitizers. Supporting Conceptual design or deep Die drawing analysis processes, tools are provided to directly, locally or globally, model point clouds or facet data used for automatic quick surface creation. Supporting multiple data import formats, the user can take benefit from optimized design and visualization workflows through the combination of quick surfacing tools and facet data in a homogenous work environment.

ICEM Surf Realtime Rendering - a reality modelling experience of photo-realistic representations of 3d models

ICEM Surf Realtime Rendering provides the user with a reality modelling experience of presentation tools for dynamic photo-realistic representation of 3d models, used to support and create digital static photos, live presentations and design reviews whilst keeping the photo-realistic appearance at all times. With easy to use tools for creating Shadows, Environments, integrated Materials library and Light sources as well as using the original Surface data, instant modifications to object surfaces can be performed directly within real-time render mode. And for those users wishing to take the realism to an even higher level, a direct interface and integration with 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN is provided, whereby directly within ICEM Surf, an active Reference Manager session can be automatically loaded into 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN whilst keeping external references, transformations as well as material and variants, thus avoiding time and effort in manual data management and organization between the two solutions.

ICEM Surf Viewer - view digital product models

ICEM Viewer enables department managers and non-technical personnel, to access and view any 3D surface model created within ICEM Surf. This free viewer supports organizations to perform design review sessions, where both technical and non-technical management personnel need to understand the model or to enable suppliers and sub-contractors to access and view ICEM Surf model data without the expense of a full ICEM Surf software seat. It is included in ICEM Surf Professional.