The Art of Surface Modeling

More than 25 years of innovation for Class-A and design

Often described as the reference system for the creation of Class-A surfaces, ICEM Surf is the industry leading Curve and Surface explicit geometry modeling tool for defining, analyzing and performing high end visualization of complex free-form shape CAD surface models to the highest quality. Used in product design processes throughout automotive, aerospace, consumer goods  and press-tool design industries, providing solutions for direct surface modeling, refinement, reconstruction and scan modelling. Advanced tools such as Global modelling and industry defined analysis tools enable designers to detect subtle surface problems and check for compliances with regulations, whilst simultaneously performing high precision surfacing and experiencing real-time 3D visualization.

Did you know that we implemented over 300 new innovative features and enhancements since the release of ICEM Surf 4.8! Do you even know them all? Find out about our latest release.

With the core module you can define complex free-form shapes of a desired aesthetical high end Class-A quality, create, modify and diagnose surfaces and existing designs. Learn more

Supporting direct and dynamic modeling of free-form Curve & Surface models and working seamlessly together within a high end Real-Time rendering environment, ICEM Surf facilitates a designer’s expression and desire to achieve optimal surface quality in Class-A surfaces for component design. Utilizing an ergonomic and intuitive user interface that supports optimized modeling workflows accompanied by an array of customer defined functional capabilities that continue to support their ever changing demands. Learn more

In today’s demanding customer environments, connectivity and communication to their other software solutions is critical to ensure data integrity. ICEM Surf facilitates this demand with solutions to support both the direct exchange of CAD data through native formats as well as direct integration with other solutions and PLM environments. Learn more

In addition to the basic module, we offer advanced, analyses scan and real-time rendering modules to support all phases of your Class-A (strak) and design processes. Learn more