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Wind power is in the air and all around us. As a clean and renewable energy source, it can decarbonize global power systems and curb the effects of climate change. While onshore wind farms have made significant strides in electrifying our energy mix, meeting the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement requires scaling up various renewable technologies, including offshore wind, by 20501:


of global electricity should come from onshore and offshore wind power


The exponential growth required in annual offshore wind capacity additions

1 000GW

of total installed capacity for offshore wind power needed worldwide

The offshore wind sector, with its abundance of strong winds and expansive spaces, promises to create significant value for companies, communities and countries by generating consistent and clean energy. But how can industry leaders manage intricate project economics and evolving regulations to seize their share of the value pool? Virtual twin technology on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform transforms these challenges into opportunities — by providing detailed insights into project costs, digitalizing legal requirements and connecting stakeholders throughout the wind energy project’s lifecycle.

The Offshore Wind Power Plan

Discover how the virtual twin accelerates offshore wind project execution, builds excellence along the value chain and drives profitable growth.

How Efficient is Offshore Wind Energy?

Offshore wind energy is more efficient than its onshore counterpart due to higher wind speeds, more stable winds and fewer constraints on the size of wind farms at sea. This advantageous combination allows offshore wind farms to generate more electricity at greater levels of reliability, effectively overcoming intermittency issues and facilitating the seamless integration of wind power into the grid.

However, building and operating wind turbines in deep-water locations is no easy feat. Success depends on advanced digitalization tools that help developers meticulously model turbine dynamics, optimize wind energy production against demand and automate preventive asset care. By creating a virtual twin of the wind farm, developers can establish continuity from design to maintenance and ensure their turbines are fit for the future.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings people, tools, teams and processes together in a unified and harmonized environment, giving access and visibility to all relevant stakeholders with the relevant access rights at any relevant time.

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Unleash the Power of Offshore Wind

An integrated digital environment enables developers to collaborate efficiently with their partners, so they can make the best decisions that accelerate development while controlling costs. As the project progresses to the engineering and construction phase, simulation capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform are essential in modeling the dynamics of sustainable wind turbines to strike the right balance between environmental impact mitigation, technical efficiency and financial viability. Upon project completion, developers can leverage the virtual twin to monitor operations and enhance wind energy production to meet KPIs more effectively.

The opportunities in offshore wind are limitless. By harnessing the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, developers and operators can ensure the success of wind energy projects, unlock the full potential of offshore wind and rapidly advance the transition to sustainable and clean energy.

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1Source: “Future of Wind” by International Renewable Energy Agency (October 2019)