Meeting mining’s new sustainable reality

The expectations of investors, regulators, and communities toward mining companies around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have seismically shifted. A raft of new regulations, stringent sustainability targets and widespread demand for greater accountability are forcing mining companies to transform their practices. But while many firms have established high-level corporate KPIs, there is still work to do to translate these targets into on-the-ground business practices.

How can we make mining more sustainable in day-to-day operations?

Mining companies already have the data, processes, and infrastructure; what they’re lacking is the connectivity, contextualization and collaboration to put ESG into practice.

How mining companies can rise to the decarbonization challenge

The digital transformation of mining is providing companies with a host of new tools and solutions to leverage. However, advances in mining technology alone aren’t enough.

To stay competitive in the coming decade, companies need to integrate ESG practices into operational processes and procedures. Not only will this help an operation extract maximum value while producing less waste, it’s also necessary to secure a license to operate today.
In order to achieve this, companies can start by focusing their efforts on three key areas of the mining process:

  1. Reducing geological asset waste
  2. Optimizing geological asset extraction
  3. Improving operations management and execution 

For the mining industry, decarbonization is regarded as both an essential requirement and responsibility. This industry transformation drives the sustainable management of resources through holistic wide ranging approaches in which we combine technology with a thoughtful attitude and strategy. To create a digital solution for the sustainable mine of the future- mitigating impacts, minimizing footprint and maximizing efficiency for responsible and sustainable growth.

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Tania Killeen
Head of Mining

Realizing the clean energy transition by 2050 will require significantly larger quantities of critical minerals to be mined, including copper, lithium, nickel and cobalt. The current rate of production, however, will not meet this demand. The mining industry therefore must discover more deposits, increase inventory, and accelerate production in order to support the shift to sustainability. This creates a significant challenge – develop new mines quickly but do so with minimal environmental impact while adhering to ESG norms and public scrutiny. Integrating technology across the mining value chain can reduce uncertainty and expedite this process.

Three ways to adopt more sustainable mining practices

Future proof your operations to satisfy increased ESG requirements. Learn more about how to prioritize sustainability and embed ESG into a mining operation by downloading our free eBook.


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Zijin Mining Group is engaged in prospecting, exploration and mining of gold, copper and other mineral resources.
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Cementos Argos
Colombia-based Cementos Argos is a multi-national leader in the cement and concrete markets. The company chose GEOVIA mining software to help meet its sustainability goals, grow the business and generate social value.

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