Zijin Mining Group is engaged in prospecting, exploration and mining of gold, copper and other mineral resources.


Intensive engineering works, massive data to manage especially for complex ore body shapes. This required a better modeling solution. Zijin’s current solution with dynamic anisotropy helped in some aspects, but the challenge is the cumbersome workflow. Assignment of attributes from trend surface only supports bearing and dip, which needs conversion to azimuth of the trend surface.

GEOVIA Surpac provides the foundation for comprehensive mining information and is key for our digital transformation.

Yu Bo
Deputy General Manager, Zijin


The company adopted GEOVIA Surpac to solve the fold problem. It introduces implicit algorithms for resource estimation, as well as the capability to model folded ore body by surface flattening. In addition, it provides function of sample distribution analysis specialized for soft-hard boundary layer in statistical analysis.


The solution enabled comparative studies and connection of the spatial morphology of geologic bodies (ore bodies) in threedimensional space. In addition, it forecasted prospect of exploration in deep and marginal area of mine. Moreover, it dynamically indicated market and cost to optimize enterprise resources, ultimately improved efficiency and business value.


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