Redefining Supply Chain Sustainability

Let’s come clean about sustainability. Most, if not all, companies in the consumer packaged goods and retail (CPG&R) industry want to achieve a more sustainable supply chain, but how many are certain that they’re on the right track?

Sustainability is a massive, continuous challenge. Companies need to consider fluctuating consumer demand, an increasing number of stock keeping units (SKUs), more parts and ingredients per items, multiple plants and a growing number of distribution channels. In fact, the level of complexity in the CPG&R industry continues to deepen due to the rise of the sustainability-minded consumer and regulations that seek to ensure that CPG&R companies’ business activities become more sustainable. As such, these companies must respond quickly and effectively in order to remain competitive.

While a growing number of these companies recognize the supply chain as an area to drive sustainability and be more ‘green’, the supply chain is enormously complex and incredibly interlinked. To move forward, they need to have three important elements:

  • The right understanding of supply chain sustainability
  • The right solution to design and plan for maximum efficiency
  • The confidence and the ability to execute these plans and deliver what they’ve promised customers

Are Your Production and Logistics Eco-efficient?

In production, companies face conflicting sales commitments, unexpected bottlenecks and fluctuating demand. During the day of operations, a machine could break down or an order could be late due to material shortages.

Companies that are looking for more supply chain sustainability need to master the complexity in this starting phase of their supply chain network. With agile production planning that drives a lean supply chain, they are supported in their goals to reduce costs and waste, manage disruptions in real time and accelerate new product introductions.

Next, companies must make their logistics planning adaptable, but logistics planning is hindered by several big challenges. From travel routes and work schedules to product temperature constraints and labor law requirements, logistics is governed by complex rules that are further complicated by time, traffic and weather.

With the right solution, logistics planning can be made flexible to complete the more sustainable supply chain. Transportation routes and driver assignments can be optimized for on-time deliveries and efficiency gains to honor delivery commitments while minimizing costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

When the supply chain is optimized from production to logistics, companies can count on efficient and profitable results. Global brands from all over the world have experienced this. Now, it’s your turn.

The Innovation Platform for Efficient and Profitable Supply Chains

Not all supply chain solutions are created equal. Turn to an integrated planning solution that’s powered by optimization technology so that you can truly improve your environmental footprint while boosting efficiency and profitability.

This is what the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform does: Delivering the right solution for companies that are serious about achieving a more sustainable supply chain. Uniting the planning for production and logistics onto a single solution, the platform provides end-to-end supply chain visibility.

You can now efficiently plan resources for reduced waste and environmental impact. This visibility also improves collaboration between stakeholders from production all the way to logistics. Best of all, the platform is scalable and grows with your business as its complexity increases.

Increasing the sustainability of production and logistics is ultimately good for the earth, society and your profits.

With our innovation platform, all three are possible.

The Definitive Guide to Supply Chain Sustainability

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