Transform Ideas into Sustainable Innovations with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Imagine a virtual space where your team of industrial designers and engineers and its ecosystem collaborate seamlessly to bring sustainable innovations to life. That’s what the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers: A unified environment where the entire value network imagines and creates more climate-neutral products, materials, services and supply chains processes.  


Leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s lifecycle assessment and eco-design methods, your team can reduce the environmental footprint at every stage of the product lifecycle. Let engineers, designers and contributors effortlessly imagine, define and shape innovations virtually before committing to the best solutions that balance performance and sustainability.

Unlocking the Benefits of Transformation for Sustainable Innovations

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduce the carbon footprint of your entire value chain and across production processes to meet sustainability goals.

Decreased Overall Waste

Optimize production processes and use of resources leading to waste reduction

Optimized Energy Consumption

Evaluate and optimize energy consumption at every stage of the product lifecycle, from design, production to end-of-life.

Lower Costs with Virtual Twins

Reduce testing and prototyping costs when creating more sustainable and compliant design alternatives

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Minimize environmental impact while meeting customer expectations towards eco-friendly products and services.

Explore Some of the Sustainability Use Cases

Low-carbon Design

Approach product design with sustainability in mind to align with regulations, while creating value for customers and society. Lessen environmental impacts by incorporating sustainability early in the product design stage. Create low-carbon innovations that enhance human, social, and environmental well-being. Use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to gain insights into material use to and identify potential carbon savings. 

How our customers are driving innovations

Discover how leading companies are using our 3DEXPERIENCE platform to imagine, design, and test the radically new products, materials, and processes needed to create a more sustainable world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Innovation for Sustainable Development

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