Optimize Manufacturing and Operations with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Imagine a virtual space where you define and optimize manufacturing, supply chain and operations processes before implementing them in the real world? That’s what the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers: A unified environment where manufacturing staff and experts collaborate to imagine, model, optimize and run their operations.


Utilize the powerful combination of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and solutions to maximize production efficiency, minimize costs, enhance quality, and accelerate time-to-market, all while successfully adapting to dynamic market demands. Optimize everything from product architecture and engineering all the way through to installation and commissioning. Visualize and test new ideas for planning, assembly, quality control, and maintenance - before they are implemented. 

Unlocking the Benefits of Transformation for Manufacturing & Operations

Increased operational excellence

Efficiently plan, manage and optimize manufacturing operations to drive efficiency and sustainable, continuous improvement.

More Accurate Planning

Accurately plan and schedule with 3D content and planning tools within a digital framework.

Optimized Assets

Optimize assets by monitoring equipment effectiveness in real-time and planning and executing maintenance in an integrated manner.

Informed Decisions

Make better and more informed decisions based on real-time data with traceability of changes and decisions.

Faster Experimentation

Accelerate innovation with fast back and forth between ideation, development and simulation in a single 3D environment connecting production, quality, materials and maintenance.

Explore Some of the Manufacturing & Operations Use Cases

Collaborative Operations

Transform the way teams work by enabling a common understanding shared by all. Build team engagement by making lean practices and 3D content visualizations a standard part of your operations. Enable teams to formalize the management of issues using rich content and problem-solving structures. DELMIA 3DLean empowers teams to find new ways to innovate in a structure that guides discovery, analysis and problem solving – regardless of where or how they work.

How our customers are driving innovations

Discover how leading companies are using our 3DEXPERIENCE platform to imagine, design, and test the radically new products, materials, and processes needed to create a more sustainable world.

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