The Benefits of Onshoring and Friend-Shoring

Onshoring can be a sustainable step in times of much-needed supply chain decarbonization, frequent disruptions and increasing social pushback from offshored employees. However, some companies are also considering friend-shoring so they are not limited to only domestic production. Whichever relocalization route they choose, one thing is clear: All roads to more sustainable supply chains start with smarter planning.

Delivering the right relocalization strategy requires preparation, yet not all companies are equipped to do so. More than 60% of them do not have the right tools1 to optimize their workflow assignment and supplier relationship management (SRM). 

To address this gap and begin their onshoring journey, companies can turn to smart supply chain solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Discover how below.


Onshoring: The Smart Road Home

Relocalize with an optimized supply chain.
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Improve Sustainability & Optimized Onshoring in Three Smart Ways

With DELMIA’s smart supply chain planning solutions, companies can optimize their entire network in the three steps shown below.

1. Effective planning

Smarter, integrated planning on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform centralizes the data repository to speed up supply chain planning and optimization via two parts:

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Data-backed actions

With all critical data points in one place, companies have full supply chain visibility. This way, they can accurately model and simulate the outcomes of any planning scenario – and quickly respond to changes, risks and disruptions.

2. Integrated collaboration

Collaborating in the platform’s secure collaborative environment results in better teamwork, improved workforce performance and greater enterprise-wide productivity. Check out our customer story for a real-life example of how it worked for them.

Customer Story: Amy's Kitchen

Discover how the organic foods manufacturer optimized their production via sustainable supply chain planning on the platform.

Duration 8 minutes 10

3. End-to-end cost reduction

Explore how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s virtual twin capability can help companies reduce supply chain cost.

Cost Projection

Simulate and test plans to review all revenue and profit options.

Calculate demand variability against price changes.

View cost-related data from any relevant point in the network.

Supply sourcing

Quickly compare alternative sourcing options to respond to changes on time.

Maintain healthy inventory levels with total stock visibility.


Simulate what-if financial scenarios to change plans in real time.

Visualize the impact of any plan and decision on profitability.


Leverage advanced solutions that can scale up in parallel with business growth.

Easily incorporate new technologies and virtual capabilities.

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