The many advantages of task management software

Maintaining focus and staying organized during long and involved projects can be challenging, even for experienced managers. Dedicated task management software can help you stay on top of your to-do list and complete your project on time and within budget.

What is task management software?

Most major business projects involve a variety of different tasks that need to be completed at different times by different teams of people. The role of a project manager is to ensure that tasks are assigned to teams with the right skill sets. Project managers must also make sure that teams have the resources they need to complete their tasks and that all tasks are completed within the desired timelines. If all of these elements fall into place smoothly, then the project as a whole will meet its deadlines and not go over budget.
Needless to say, staying on top of these responsibilities is not an easy undertaking. Task management tools can act as a type of digitized to-do list. They provide a clear visualization of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Task management software helps managers and team leaders to manage their time, stay organized, and complete tasks in order of priority.
Managers can use relatively basic task management software such as spreadsheets or digitized post-it notes, whiteboards, or Kanban boards for smaller tasks. Larger teams with more complicated tasks require more sophisticated tools to help them manage how time, money, people, and resources are allocated.

Powerful and adaptive task management software from Dassault Systèmes

The project management software and task management tools from Dassault Systèmes will allow you to optimize how your teams use their time and resources.  
The Lean Team Player and Project Planner roles provide managers with powerful project tracking software and a set of dedicated task management tools. You can effectively collaborate with your people and organize your teams via one secure digital environment.

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Benefits of task management software for effective team management

Managers and team members need to constantly monitor the progress of their people, make decisions based on available time and resources, and be prepared to change their strategies to accommodate sudden business changes. Maintaining control and staying on top of all these variables can be incredibly challenging without the right tools.
Task management software provides business leaders with clear visualizations of how far a task is progressing, how many resources are being used, and if any deadlines are approaching. Teams can use a task management app to communicate, prioritize tasks, assign work, and collaborate.

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Is task management software the same as project management software?

Project management software is used for overall project management purposes. Task management tools can be used to manage individual tasks or just one task. Task management tools operate on a micro level, while project management tools operate on a macro level.
You can think of a project management tool as being a top-down bird’s eye view of a complete undertaking while task management software provides close-up pictures of individual parts of the entire project. Some software can be used for both purposes, while others are designed for specific task management or project management functions.

What are the key features of task management software?

What are the four elements of task management?

There are four main elements to successfully managing any type of task management. Managers and team leaders need to ensure that all resources, time, and money are allocated effectively and that the scope of the task is manageable.


Resources can be people, tools, or materials. Team leaders need to ensure that they have effective resource management strategies in place so that people are assigned tasks that fit their skills and have the necessary tools and materials to complete the tasks on time.

The advantages of online task management for teams

By using an online task manager, team leaders can test different strategies to deal with various scenarios. What can be done if a team member is ill? What if a planned deadline is missed? With the right software, managers can develop strategies to deal with every step of the task management process.
Task management tools improve organization and enhance productivity. They allow for improved time and resource management which in turn leads to better project planning and execution.
They also significantly increase accountability and transparency within teams as all members can see what stage of the task they are at and who has completed what work. Task management tools enable more streamlined communication and collaboration, which helps teams to stay focused, stay motivated, and meet deadlines.

Overcoming challenges in task management for improved team collaboration

Task management is not always easy, however. Numerous challenges must be overcome and pitfalls must be avoided. Managers need to be sure they avoid over-commitment and prioritize task delegation. They must always keep close track of deadlines to be sure that their strategies of prioritizing tasks are still effective.
Helping teams to collaborate and communicate effectively can also be problematic. Managers must constantly be aware of relationships within teams and how people work together. The nature of the tasks themselves can be an issue. Managers need to beware of task dependencies and closely monitor when tasks are due to be completed and if all teams are meeting deadlines.

How to choose the right task management software

When deciding on what task management tools will be best suited for their needs, managers should look for software that has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. This will help to reduce the learning curve for team members and enable more rapid deployment. Consider the accessibility of the task management system you have in mind. Will your team require an agile cloud platform? Or will you need the added security and reliability of an on-premises model?
Compatibility with existing tools and platforms should also be a major consideration, as should the pricing and the licensing model of the software. Given that sensitive corporate data will be shared, make sure to evaluate the security and data privacy features of your chosen task management app.

Task management software - Conclusion & Perspectives

Project management can be complicated, even for highly experienced business professionals. The key to meeting deadlines and staying within budgetary restraints is making sure that every task is optimally organized.
Your people need to be assigned work that is suited to their skill sets. Resources must be made available, and enough time allocated for each task. Costs and expenses must be kept under control and the project must not be allowed to exceed its scope.
A state-of-the-art task tracker is essential for any team leader. Task management software gives managers and team leaders the tools they need to effectively manage all aspects of a task. Business leaders and team members can see the status of their assigned tasks at a glance. Reminders can be sent to teams to help them stay on track to meet deadlines. Team members can communicate and collaborate, ask questions, and raise concerns. This can be done in real-time in a secure access-controlled digital environment.
The success of any project is determined by how efficiently individual tasks are completed. With the right task management software, managers can ensure that their teams work together effectively and stay on schedule.

Why choose Dassault Systèmes for your project management needs?


The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a revolutionary new concept launched by Dassault Systèmes. One unified cloud-based digital environment where colleagues can safely and securely store, share, and work on files together. With the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, you can control the level of access employees have to files, showcase work to clients, and work together simultaneously.
The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform also gives you access to a wide range of powerful CAD, PLM, task management, and project management tools from Dassault Systèmes. Connect with your people and use cutting-edge software anytime, anywhere, using any device.

More than four decades of experience

If you are searching for reliable, adaptive, and affordable task management and project management software, then Dassault Systèmes can provide you with solutions.
For over four decades, we have been developing outcome-orientated, effective, and powerful software customized to meet our clients’ exact needs. Our roles include the groundbreaking CATIA CAD program launched in the 1980s, the now industry standards SOLIDWORKS mechanical design tool, and more recently the innovative 3D Experience Platform. Open new paths to enhanced collaboration with your team using our dedicated management software roles such as Lean Team Player and Project Planner.

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