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Abaqus/Standard is a general-purpose finite-element solver that simulates true static and structural dynamic events. Its applications include thermal stress analysis, sealing evaluations, steady-state rolling simulation, fracture mechanics studies, heat-transfer modeling, acoustics, pore pressure, and more.

Abaqus/Standard has powerful linear dynamics capabilities, including the AMS EigenSolver, which efficiently identifies numerous natural frequencies for models with various degrees of freedom. It also has a curated library of elements accessible to users for its wide range of applications and an extensive library of material models ranging from linear elasticity to rate-dependent kinematic plasticity to continuum damage.

Users can customize and extend Abaqus/Standard by coding subroutines for material models, elements, loads, and boundary conditions. The Abaqus/CAE modeling environment supports Abaqus/Standard for all typical pre- and post-processing requirements.

Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit are designed to work cohesively, allowing you to couple the two solvers. You can continue a simulation that starts in Abaqus/Explicit, in Abaqus/Standard and conversely. The importing functionality allows users to apply Abaqus/Standard to those portions of the analysis well suited to an implicit solution technique. Alternatively, users can apply Abaqus/Explicit to those portions of the analysis where high-speed, nonlinear, transient response dominates the solution.

Analysis Types

  • Nonlinear static and dynamic stress analysis
  • Linear dynamics, which include a highly efficient AMS EigenSolver
  • Heat transfer
  • Acoustics
  • Multi-physics procedures for

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