The Future of Implant Simulation

Abaqus Knee Simulator is a robust computational tool designed to transform knee implant design for medical device companies. Using the power of realistic simulation, Abaqus Knee Simulator accelerates patient care, drives cost-effective innovation, and ensures regulatory compliance.

With five streamlined workflows, Abaqus Knee Simulator enables you to stay at the forefront of knee implant modeling and simulation.

    Accelerating the Design of Knee Implants

    Medical device companies are finding innovative ways to deliver innovative, safe, and effective implant designs to patients requiring knee arthroplasty. To gain a competitive advantage, manufacturers are using the robust capabilities of realistic simulation to drive innovation, manage costs and accelerate patient care.

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    What is the Abaqus Knee Simulator?

    The Abaqus Knee Simulator is a validated computational modeling tool for performing basic to advanced knee implant analyses and simulations. This tool offers five fast and easy-to-setup workflows that reduce your dependance on time-consuming trials and expensive lab equipment, while still meeting regulatory requirements.

    How does the Abaqus Knee Simulator work?

    Watch this informational webinar to gain insights through a live demonstration and learn about the design advances in knee implant modeling and simulation. Discover the latest state-of-the-art analysis techniques in a streamlined semi-automated method. 

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