Comply with Sustainability Requirements while Meeting Product Performance KPIs

NETVIBES Virtual Product Development solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform accelerate the cost and sustainability definition and assessment of a product, allowing users to compare it with business targeted values. Stakeholders throughout the enterprise are able to monitor cost and sustainability metrics, evaluate their impact, and to make the right decisions during the entire product development lifecycle. Improve product sustainability by evaluating and forecasting environmental and product performance impact to meet and exceed KPIs. 


NETVIBES Virtual Product Development Key Benefits

Optimize Target Cost

Meet industry standards cost-effectively.

Reduce Material Requirements

Use less energy, adhering to sustainability regulations.

Make the Right Compromises

Get peace of mind you're making the best decisions to achieve KPIs.

Enforce Sustainability Goals

Perform what-if analyses to maximize product performance and minimize environmental impact.

The data-centric side of the platform left no doubt about our decision to go for 3DEXPERIENCE. It allows us to work from a single information source, accessible to everyone, and linked to our project management system. Nobody wonders if it’s the right data or the latest version. There’s one single source of truth for everyone. That’s what really makes the difference.

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