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Communities are the place for NETVIBES users - from beginners to experts and everyone in between - to get answers to questions, learn from each other, and network. With the explosion of digital knowledge and know-how, NETVIBES helps you discover and share how to transform this data into valuable assets for your organization. Join our communities to start and contribute to our conversations.


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  1. Visit the NETVIBES User Community or Marketplace PartSupply Community on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  2. Create a free 3DS Passport account
  3. Log in with your username and password
  4. Save this link to your browser
  5. Add the community to your “favorite communities” tab within the platform 
User Community

NETVIBES User Community

With the explosion of digital knowledge and know-how on the web, NETVIBES helps you discover and share how to transform this data into assets for your organization, driving efficiency in understanding the trends of your industry, company, product, consumers and competitors. We look forward to our conversations.

User Community

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | PartSupply User Community

PartSupply is the most comprehensive, AI-driven catalog of sourceable 3D components. Stay connected and share best practices about how you're benefiting from it. The R&D team looks forward to hearing from you.

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