Capitalize on Collective Knowledge for Data-driven Decisions

More than a data platform, the NETVIBES Portfolio on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has been developed to help businesses in every industry get the most value from their data. Virtual twin experiences augmented by real-world data in context ensure our customers have the most timely and reliable information at hand when making critical business decisions across the enterprise.


NETVIBES solutions on the collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE platform help customers reveal information intelligence. Today’s fast-paced, connected world generates exponential amounts of data inside and outside the enterprise, 24/7. With NETVIBES you can make sense of it all by gaining actionable insights to make better informed decisions at all levels of the enterprise around the globe. 

We are managing a huge amount of data. One of the major issues we faced before was that we were using many tools that weren’t accessible to all. We wanted to reduce their quantity and bring consistency to our organization. To do so, we needed to put in place a central database to bring together all stakeholders within ITER, store and access accurate data, and gain a single version of the truth. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we can now connect everything together, so that all users access, share and gain insights from all the data.

Jean-Pierre Mailharrancin portrait
Jean-Pierre Mailharrancin
PLM Project Manager, ITER

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