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Today, several global developments impact product design and engineering at the same time and drive major transformations. Higher environmental standards lead businesses and consumers to reconsider and to extend their priorities. New energy and engine technologies, the digitalization of development, the products themselves and progress in automation present a new and ever evolving context for virtual product definition, design and testing. At the same time market globalization is progressing, customization and safety standards keep constantly growing.

The 3DEXPERIENCE empowers engineers, scientists, managers and entire companies to navigate this future. The CATIA | SFE Portfolio provides the parametric geometry capabilities for a high-performance science-based process.

Fast geometry creation and re-usage

CAE and CAD teams in the automotive industry appreciate the fast creation, parametric flexibility and re-usage value of their CATIA | SFE CONCEPT model libraries. That strongly helps in order to have a quick first model representing the project status very early in the process. Furthermore, CATIA | SFE CONCEPT provides this geometry status as finite element mesh right away, that allows to get feedback of the body structure performance very early as well.


The future of simulation-driven design and multi-discipline performance optimization belongs to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

All aspects of the process are covered: Administration of management decisions and product requirements, creating and reporting early simulation results and even the daily communication of expert teams with each other and with their management. Highly complex cycles like multi-discipline design optimization become easily accessible and benefit greatly from the concurrent process and the unified user experience that considers the needs of everyone involved.

A fully automated process

To reach the seamless, reliable development, repeated simulations have to be carried out at an early stage of the process, even when many characteristics of the product are still unknown.


CATIA | SFE CONCEPT is a leading solution for early phase performance-driven conceptual design. CAE and CAD teams in body structure design invest in CATIA | SFE CONCEPT to create a conceptual geometry quickly and early in the process. They keep modifying it conveniently to study many variants and they create ready-to-run FE simulation models from the geometry on the fly. 

SFE helped us create the CAE model upfront without CAD data. Within two weeks, we had a full vehicle model up and running. After six months, we synced the two, and the CAD drove the CAE in terms of refinement. We gained a lot of development speed by going straight from the CAE to the CAD, and not the traditional CAD leading the CAE

Alexi Charbonneau
Alexi Charbonneau
In charge of skateboard and cabin, Canoo

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