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As products and experiences continue to increase in complexity, performance and quality targets are becoming more demanding. CATIA answers that challenge, enabling the rapid development of high-quality mechanical products.

Mechanical engineers equipped with CATIA 3D Modeling tools can gain insight into key factors of quality and performance early in the product development phase. Digital prototyping, combined with digital analysis and simulation, allows product development teams to virtually create and analyze a mechanical product in its operating environment. 

CATIA Mechanical Engineering provides the platform which enables engineers to create any type of 3D assembly, for a wide range of engineering processes.

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Engineering software programs in a seamless Environment

With traditional PDM or PLM, checking data in and out takes so long, many engineers delay it. Then engineers waste hours comparing outdated versions and consolidating changes.

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA integrates PLM, so engineers never leave the design environment. With 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA, everyone sees model updates in real-time. Plus, since it isn’t file-based, no one wastes time checking files in and out.
It also manages component families to configure designs. When a component changes, the "where used" function identifies which subassembly or assembly used it.

CATIA is the Best Geometrical Core Modeler

CAD requires flexible, powerful modeling capabilities and digital models must accurately reflect reality. CATIA is known for its high geometric accuracy. It is so robust; engineers can quickly iterate without the model failing. Surfacing provides a competitive advantage from energy-efficient aerodynamic surfaces to cool-looking designs. Surfaces have no thickness, so they are easier to manipulate than solid geometry. You can create beautiful organic shapes and Class A surfaces.

Only CATIA combines highly accurate 3D solid modeling with Class A surfacing capabilities.

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CATIA Mechanical Engineering Tools and Roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

CATIA Mechanical Engineering software products are packaged as Roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to get you up to speed faster and work more efficiently with all needed applications available at your fingertips. Select a package that corresponds to your role in an organization.

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