Abaqus Unified FEA

Complete solutions for realistic simulation.

Structural-Acoustic Simulation

Structural-acoustic interaction covers diverse application areas including noise transmission, radiation, acoustic attenuation or amplification. Abaqus integrates noise simulation within the finite element solver, allowing fully coupled structural-acoustic simulations to be performed within familiar Abaqus workflows.

Acoustic-Mechanical Simulation of Engine Cover - Color coding of acoustic pressure generated at various excitation frequencies.
  • Fast, advanced linear dynamics capability for acoustic and solid media
  • Acoustic finite elements and materials
  • Nonreflecting impedance and infinite elements for exterior and radiation problems
  • Boolean tools for meshing acoustic cavities
  • Fully coupled and uncoupled eigenanalysis
  • Fully coupled frequency response
  • Transient and time-harmonic (steady-state) analysis
  • Surface-based fluid-solid coupling
  • Acoustics in moving fluids
  • Adaptive acoustic meshes for large-deformation enclosures (tires, seals)