CZone for Abaqus

Crush simulation for laminated composites

CZone for Abaqus

An Abaqus-based application providing advanced crush simulation for energy-absorbing structures made from laminated composites

CZone for Abaqus is a new add-on capability to Abaqus/Explicit that provides access to a state-of-the-art methodology for crush simulation. Based on CZone technology from Engenuity Ltd., and targeted toward the design of composite components and assemblies in the Automotive and Aerospace industries, CZone for Abaqus provides for inclusion of material crush behavior in FEA simulations of composite structures subjected to impact.

CZone technology provides direct implementation of crush-based element force generation and failure in defined “crush zones,” typically located at the forward edges of the structure in direct contact with the impactor. CZone for Abaqus simulations determine the extent of material crushing and other modes of composite failure, the energy absorbed in the crush zone, and the forces generated by material crushing. The behavior of the composite structure outside the crush zone is simulated utilizing existing Abaqus capabilities to account for possible delamination, damage, fracture, and buckling.

With CZone for Abaqus results as a guide, a proposed design can be altered to optimize the placement, thickness, construction, and geometry of crush structures to maximize their energy-absorbing capacity.

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Advanced crush simulation for energy-absorbing structures made from laminated composites
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Supported Platforms

CZone for Abaqus is supported on all systems for which Abaqus/Explicit is supported, and works with Abaqus 6.8-2 and up.

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Abaqus/Standard  is ideally suited for static, low-speed dynamic, and steady-state transport applications.It enables analyses of a model in both time and frequency domain in one single simulation. Abaqus/Standard delivers highly accurate stress analyses.

Abaqus /Standard can provide starting points for Abaqus/Explicit simulations as well as continuing from Abaqus/Explicit results. Pre- and postprocessing is supported within the Abaqus/CAE modeling environment.

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Abaqus/Explicit enables the simulation of brief transient dynamic events, such as drop testing or ballistic events with finite element analysis. Its ability to handle severely non-linear behavior makes Abaqus/Explicit ideally suited for the simulation of quasi-static events such as slow crushing of energy absorbing devices.

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With Abaqus/CAE you can quickly and efficiently create, edit, monitor, diagnose, and visualize advanced Abaqus analyses. It supports interactive computer-aided engineering concepts such as feature-based, parametric modeling, interactive and scripted operation. Besides the built-in geometry creation it enables interfacing with other CAD environments for geometry and mesh imports or model synchronization. Abaqus/CAE also offers comprehensive visualization options, which enable users to interpret and communicate the results of any Abaqus analysis.

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