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Analysis Interfaces

Abaqus Add-ons

Interface for Moldflow

This add-on analysis interface translates results from an injection molding simulation performed using Moldflow Plastics Insight into Abaqus model data to account for material orientation and residual stress in a subsequent simulation of the molded component. The MOLDFLOW injection molding simulation of polymers provides information on the thermo-mechanical properties and residual stresses of a part resulting from the manufacturing process. Mechanical properties (including the effects of oriented fibers, if present) are calculated by MOLDFLOW and written to the interface files as orthotropic constants at points through the thickness of the part.

Interface for MSC.ADAMS

The optional Abaqus Interface for MSC.ADAMS allows you to use stiffness data from an Abaqus model to represent flexible components when performing a multi-body dynamic analysis in MSC.ADAMS. The Abaqus Interface for MSC.ADAMS converts the stiffness matrix from an Abaqus model of a component into the format required by ADAMS/Flex for a multibody dynamics simulation.