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A comprehensive set of structural analysis solutions using Abaqus FEA to guide design decisions and improve product performance and quality

Structures simulation includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using Abaqus for solids and structures to model linear and nonlinear static, thermal, dynamic, and impact effects.  Realistic simulation includes complete material behavior (for metals, elastomers, composites, and many other materials), contact and impact, and large motion.  Fracture/failure analysis can be included.  Fatigue simulation and lifecycle estimation is provided using fe-safe technology. Integrated directly with CAD models generated within CATIA & SOLIDWORKS, a wide range of scenarios can be efficiently modeled & simulated from single parts to complete assemblies allowing simulation to become a core part of product design & engineering processes.




Key Benefits

  • Assess the structural performance of products under a wide range of loading conditions using Abaqus and fe-safe technologies
  • Delivers a unique design workflow for modeling and simulation in an intuitive interface linked directly to CATIA or SOLIDWORKS design geometry
  • Provides a range of capabilities from a simple linear analysis of a single component to a complete simulation of the entire assembly with contact and other nonlinearities