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Simulation Data Science

Analytics, access to simulation value, and re-use of best-practices to support better decisions

All platform users can benefit from the value of simulation by utilizing the capabilities in the Simulation Data Science discipline taking Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM) to the next level. Powerful results analytics allows users to use simulation results to inform decision making. Democratization of simulation results and re-use of simulation methods is enabled through dashboard access to a company’s library of published methods and best-practices. With Simulation Analytics, simulation knowledge and its value becomes available for all platform users.

Key Benefits

  • Capture and share methods with others and publish your best-practices to democratize and communicate your work.
  • Access your corporate library of simulation best-practices and standards.
  • Explore and understand the entire design space using modern simulation results analytics to process large data sets.
  • Base decision-making on realistic simulation.


  • on cloud
  • on premise
  • All
  • Simulation Process Management
Provides capabilities to capture, share, publish, and re-use simulation methods, processes, and best-practices. Customers can build their own library of simulation standards to increase quality, efficiency, and access throughout the enterprise.
  • Simulation Process Management

    Simulation Collaborator

    on cloud on premise
    Improve decision-making for all users by providing search and re-play access to captured simulation best-practices to study performance
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