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Drive innovation by exploring multiple alternatives across the complete range of operating scenarios, all to make better decisions and find optimal designs

The Optimization discipline provides capabilities to automatically run and re-run simulation methods with varying parameters allowing design space exploration and optimization using Isight technology.  Tens, hundreds, or even thousands of simulations can be automatically run to provide an entire neighborhood of data points for comparison and selection.  Within these data sets, optimal design points can be discovered and chosen to reduce weight and cost and increase durability, strength, and lifespan

Key Benefits

  • Investigate the relationships between design parameters and their influence on performance objectives, to improve the efficiency of design exploration using Isight technology
  • Systematically explore variations of and trade-offs between design parameters with analytics and visualization to identify the best design that satisfies requirements
  • Assess the influence of variability to reduce the probability of design failures and increase robustness
  • Enable intelligent decision-making collaboratively across the organization