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Realize Unexpected Savings

Applying the power of automation and analytics to industrial parts enhances a company’s purchasing strategy and identifies major potential savings. Thanks to our unique artificial intelligence driven and 3D-CAD Similarity technologies, industry leaders are cross-linking Engineering and Purchasing data (ERP, PLM, Quality Management systems and other data sources) to quickly reveal similar or identical parts with different reference numbers and prices. Information is accessible through a seamless user interface for efficient Purchasing and Sourcing execution.

Key Features & Benefits:

Customers have saved millions by adopting smart sourcing and standardization practices. Our solution portfolio helps you:

  • Define product part standards and share them across projects;
  • Reduce the number of parts in the company catalog;
  • Choose whether to create a new part, reuse an existing one from a previous project, or buy it from a supplier;
  • Equip Purchasing departments with the right level of knowledge to improve cost efficiency; and
  • Drive reuse in Engineering in accordance with the company’s sourcing and standardization policy.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | PartSupply

In addition, the PartSupply service on the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace makes comparative data available on tens of millions of catalogued parts from more than 1,000 suppliers. You can search to evaluate technical characteristics, performance and quality, test the 3D part in your assembly, and quickly secure vendors in your area able to deliver.

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