A data-driven application for boosting customer engagement and loyalty

Companies that consistently deliver a great customer experience have realized business benefits far beyond improving customer loyalty and profits.

A holistic view of all customer events/actions/requests that complements and goes beyond CRM systems helps companies streamline the customer experience. It provides users with preemptive knowledge – from multiple sources – to paint a true picture of each customer’s expectations when he or she engages with the company.

OneCall provides a 360° view of the customer journey, with social levers to create great user experiences.

Bridging agents/representatives seamlessly with customers’ expectations will build trusted relations, drive higher revenue and lower costs, leading to improved efficiencies and happier employees.

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Read the Sonatel telecommunications case study

OneCall is an innovative solution for delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.


It offers:

  • The best of data intelligence, awareness and semantics
  • A predictive business recommendation engine
  • A full internal collaborative suite and native access to Internet content to extend the power of internal information 
  • A non intrusive technology

Lower Costs

  • Reduce the time to answer customers - measured by average call length
  • Avoid escalation to respond - measured by first call resolution rate
  • Reduce training time - measured by average training cost

Improve Customer Relationships

  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Allow customers to interact with companies smoothly using mobile/self-service applications
  • Understand the customer viewpoint

Grow Business

  • Recommend Next Best Actions and bundle offers
  • Drive business opportunities
  • Avoid the middlemen
  • Allow affordable digital transformation

OneCall Features


Obtain a 360° view of the customer journey

  • Reveal hidden opportunities
  • Structured & unstructured data
  • Inside or outside the enterprise

Monitor multi-channel customer behavior

  • Fully integrated into the solution and ready for use
  • Real-time observation & interpretation of company-wide information for faster decision-making

Social functionalities in real time

  • Internal follow, watch your stream, post, repost, share, add to your playlist, learn
  • All agents are interconnected by data--and interact with customers

Empower sales representatives with the Next Best Action

  • Native access to the power of the Internet
  • Use Internet data as you need to leverage the knowledge of customers and make business recommendations

"What to do now?"

  • Real-time business recommendations aligned with company strategy

LALUX Assurances Customer Story

The advantage of OneCall is that it is quick and easy to set up, at a reasonable cost, and covers all our needs.

Christian Strasser Chief Executive Officer, LALUX Assurances

OneCall can help...


  • 360-degree view of the customer for all channels
  • Data-driven collaboration with everyone in the company
  • Relevant analytics to explain, anticipate & detect actions

Technicians & Sales Associates in the Field

  • Easily-configurable screens
  • Weapon for answering over-informed customers
  • High-performance on the go

Call Centers

  • A powerful 360-degree view providing the best answer in only “one call”
  • The right contextual information at the right time
  • The Next Best Actions to proceed

Store Personnel

  • Personalized selling
  • In-context customer histories
  • Secured opportunities

End Consumers

  • Clear answers to their questions
  • Proactive solutions
  • Fast, personalized 360-degree view

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Thanks to its capability to manage raw data, the solution is able to show all the events that employees want to “follow” and pushes to them information they may be interested in. 

Learn from data to anticipate customers’ needs, to identify behaviors and then propose new offers or prevent attrition. These actions are now manageable automatically via the OneCall Insights module.

The goal of this white paper is to propose an overview of the challenges that businesses are facing in their customer relations. 

As a customer needs assistance and tries to reach a customer service agent, OneCall, in association with a third-party routing system, scores each interaction.

The SelfCare function is dedicated to the customer. App-shaped, it provides a screen interface which makes the customer able to fully manage his customer experience, right from a mobile.