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PLM Analytics

Reveal, measure and analyze PLM data

Dassault Systèmes has developed the best of analytics and made it applicable to Product Lifecycle Management while leveraging the richness and the full potential of product design and manufacturing processes. 

PLM Analytics reveals, measures and analyzes data to deeply understand and improve product development processes in all PLM areas.

Key Benefits

  • Fully manage the product lifecycle, from design to traceability of changes, costs, quality and issues.
  • Display real-time product development status to all stakeholders.
  • Gain actionable insights to accelerate and enhance business decisions.


  • on cloud
  • on premise
  • All
  • Asset Quality Analyst

    Help customers to investigate claims/complaints/issues on their assets in operation by contextualizing information from multiple internal and external sources and automatically creating semantic-based similarity clusters
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  • Business Analytics Consumer

    Make better business decisions through real-time interactive process and program analytics
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  • Business Analytics Developer

    Fast, simple custom analytics applications development
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  • Business Analytics Manager

    Empower every business user to create new analytics views on demand
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  • Issue Intelligence Consumer

    Monitor and diagnose issues evolution while understanding their root cause for mitigation/elimination
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  • Project Intelligence Consumer

    Perform diagnostic and trend analyses on past and ongoing projects with the ability to answer all specific questions in a self-service mode

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