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Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence

Drive part reuse, make or buy process and enforce standardization

Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence applications allow users to regroup and classify similar parts together, compare them side by side and select the preferred part for reuse. Relying on past information, the applications reveal knowledge for Sourcing and Procurement to optimize their orders. Learn more about Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence applications

Key Benefits

  • Ease standardization
  • Enforce reuse
  • Optimize sourcing


  • on cloud
  • on premise
  • All
  • Preferred Part Consumer

    on premise
    The Preferred Part Consumer role drives designer and architect parts reuse decisions by bringing inside their preferred application the list of parts similar to the one they selected, or answering the query they have written. This list highlights the preference of the company for reuse, based on sourcing and standardization recommendations.
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  • Standard Part Analyst

    on premise
    Dedicated to Standardization process managers, Standard Part Analyst helps to identify the different references of the similar standard or engineering parts the company has produced during the past years. The aim is to reduce them by selecting and highlighting the parts that Engineering should use when creating new products, decreasing the time and overall cost of development while improving the quality of the manufactured product.
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