A Powerful Tool for Interior Acoustics


Study the interior acoustic of vehicles. Find out which parts of the structure contribute to noise emission and vibration. Evaluate and optimize lightweight structures with regard to comfort and acoustics. CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD puts you into a position to analyze and to improve interior acoustics/NVH in an early stage.

  • Efficient mesh generation for NVH and interior acoustics
  • Easy coupling of fluid-to-fluid and fluid-to-structure meshes
  • Powerful post-processing with fast preview on NVH results
  • Calculation and visualization of participation factors of individual structure panels or nodes in noise generation
  • Profound cause analysis for pressure level at a defined microphone point

CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD calculates automatically the interior boundary faces of the car structure, creates a fluid model and couples it to the structural model. The sound pressure level is calculated for all relevant load cases. The potential for significant reduction of the sound pressure at driver's ear can be deducted, modeled and verified relying on detailed analysis of single panels in the vehicle.

If interlinked with CATIA | SFE CONCEPT, additional factors can be included into the optimization process.



  • CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD is an integrated pre-/post-processor enabling detailed acoustic analysis and optimization of vehicle structures.
  • CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD's smart cavity model builder identifies openings that can be patched automatically to saves pre-processing time.
  • CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD uses weighting factors in its coupling that have proven to give reliable results.
  • CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD Smart Coupling does not couple panels that are hidden by other panels.
  • CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD's robust acoustic cavity and coupling generation and general  batch capabilities give an advantage over it’s competitors.
  • CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD Post-processing tools are fast, simple and efficient. They offer great potential to identify and fix noise problems.
  • CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD can run in batch as part of an optimization loop  - continuous and discrete variables are supported.

Vibro-acoustic Optimization

CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD can be linked with CATIA | SFE CONCEPT to allow parametric optimization.

CATIA | SFE AKUSMOD and CATIA | SFE CONCEPT run in batch as part of a fully automated loop, supporting continuous and discrete design variables.

At this level of integration, the acoustic impact of shape and topology modifications can be evaluated. Alternative bead patterns and shapes can be applied and evaluated to arrive at a high quality result.

Specific shape modifications can be studied to understand acoustic fluid-structure interaction cavity effects.