CATIA | SFE Center of Excellence

Services and Consulting


The CATIA | SFE Center of Excellence (CoE) is a team of experienced experts in conceptual structure engineering, FE simulation, process consulting and solution development. With several decades of international experience of consulting for worldwide OEMs and engineering suppliers in Transportation & Mobility and other industries.

To support you accelerating innovation, to ensure successful first projects and to deliver value instantly

  • we offer consulting, enablement and engineering service
  • we are specialized in rapid knowledge transfer and quick adoption
  • we maintain a supply base of Service Partners creating a global network of makers
  • we deliver solutions in a very short period of time

Together with you we ensure that our technology is successfully implemented to fit to your unique needs. Our services incorporate technology, industry best practices and methodologies that have been proven in many successful deployments.

Services Solutions

Consulting services - Identify your potential

Identify your potential for business transformation through the best practices, technologies, and state of the art methodologies.

Enablement services - Support continuous success

The CoE provides multiple levels of training and workshops. Our education offers are designed to maximize the value of the CATIA | SFE Portfolio.

Our objective is raising employee skill levels, increase productivity and provide our project management expertise to help you reduce risk and to enable continued success within your enterprise environment.

Engineering services - Increase your efficiency and innovation

For any company wishing to make innovative products better and faster, increasing engineering efficiency is a proven key factor for success.

We provide engineering technologies and automation services that bring efficiency to a new level and expand your capacity of fast turn-around in performance-driven product development.