Powerful tools for a simulation-driven design process

The 2015 release of the SFE Portfolio is now available

Among the highlights of this release are improvements of the FE mesh quality answering to growing demand in the industry, support for additional FE solvers and a solution for generating rapid prototyping models from the original surface mesh. Several limitations of earlier versions have been lifted by re-implementing the underlying data models of the section sketcher, line and tangent definitions, stamping formulation and other elements.

Most importantly, the robustness of Design Variable-driven geometry modifications has been increased further: Performance indicators show that now 94% of a test geometry model being repeatedly modified with random values on a high number of design variables produce a ready-to-simulate output that does not require any interaction by an engineer.


SFE CONCEPT is a leading solution for early phase simulation-driven conceptual design. It allows creating and modifying implicitly parametric surface models fast and efficiently. The unique paradigm of the attributive single-layer geometry ensures a high performance - even when handling large structures like an entire automotive BiW. Existing model components can re-connected to make use of existing models and to build a high number of variations in a short time for functional comparison. A ready-to-simulate finite element mesh including the connectivity and association to external components can be exported at any time by a click of a button. The analysis models support a high number of industry standard FE solvers and support the concurrent functional assessment of vibrations, stiffness, crash safety and acoustics. Design variables allow modifying geometry and topology to support a fully automatic optimization process integrating functional analysis and improvement in the early stage of a development process.

Upfront Concept CAE Driven Design WHITE PAPER

Break the silos that exist within companies between CAD and CAE departments by implementing powerful Parametric Modeling of Car Body Structures, which enables Efficient Optimization / Sensitivity and Robustness Analysis for Crashworthiness, NVH, and Multi-disciplinary Concept Assessments.

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Evaluate lightweight structures with regard to comfort and acoustics. Analyze the interior acoustic of vehicles. Find out what parts of the vehicle contribute the most to noise emission and vibration. SFE AKUSMOD™ puts you into a position to check and to improve acoustics/NVH in an early stage.



World wide SFE user meeting

Major automotive OEMs made the WW SFE User Meeting a significant event. Involved in improving their design and simulation process, they travelled from ASIA, NAM and Europa and exchanged deep insights about  the CATIA  SFE concept and #3DEXPERIENCE. Enjoy the video and see you next year!