Electrical Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

To handle and integrate electrical schematic with the design and manufacture of electromechanical products and systems. ELECTRE application suite integrates electrical schematic technology with the design, manufacture and lifecycle management of electromechanical systems of both onboard sectors (automotive, aeronautics, etc.) and other sectors (machines, equipment, etc).

These solutions bring a high value added in all stages of the electrical design process thanks to a thorough understanding of onboard electrical engineering needs and full allowance for the problems of 3D wiring in both design and manufacturing. ELECTRE solutions are an innovative, productive and controlled response to the industrial problems of onboard electrical systems. The key to solving these problems is the use of an electrical schematic solution that takes complete charge of all aspects of the diversity and complexity of the systems, from onboard electrical engineering (functions, standards, etc.) and electromechanical engineering (3D routings, segregation, etc.) to project engineering (manufacturing documents, etc.). Thereby ELECTRE solutions are efficiently covering industry needs, facilitating collaborative work between electrical and mechanical engineers, and satisfying the requirements of each industrial branch.

Electrical Schematic

The ELECTRE application is the core of ELECTRE suite of electrical schematic solutions. It is developed by industry professionals for industry professionals in sectors that design products combining mechanical and electrical technologies and require special applications for electrical schematic, bundle and harness design, and wiring. From the schematics to the complete harness production file, ELECTRE offers a broad range of applications that cover the entire electrical design process in its mechanical environment and automatically generate manufacturing and wiring documents.