Latest release

Dymola 2017 FD01 is the latest release version. It can be downloaded by registered users from the support center.

Dymola 2017 FD01

We are delighted to announce that Dymola 2017 FD01 was released on December 2, 2016.

Modeling and simulation

An editor to configure variable selections has been added which enables the generation of smaller result files and easy organization and plotting of key signals.

The commands history has been extended to give a better overview of previous commands and easier selection.

During model translation, improved diagnostics more clearly identifies model problems. Error messages from the solver of non-linear equationsystems have been improved too.

The addition of a sparse solver offers substantial speedup for certain kinds of models, up to 35 times faster.

Portfolio changes and new Modelica libraries

Previously offered as separate product options, Model Calibration, Model Management and Real-Time Simulation are included in the standard Dymola configuration thus facilitating development of high-quality models.

The new Cooling Library is used for quick dimensioning and lifetime/performance assessment of batteries, electric drives and electronic thermal management. The Brushless DC Drives Library
supports effective development of electric drive systems.