Interfacing Other Software

Dymola can be easily interfaced to other software.

Functional Mockup Interface

FMI allows any modeling tool to generate C code or binaries representing a dynamic system model which may then be seamlessly integrated in another modeling and simulation environment. Dymola supports import and export of functional mockup units in all formats and full compliance with the FMI specification.

Importing FMUs into Dymola facilitates easy integration of controllers or sub-systems created with other tools in a Modelica model, adding advanced capabilities to handle algebraic loops and model causality.

FMI tools for Simulink

Dassault Systèmes provides tools with full support for FMU export and import with Simulink. The toolkit can be used for free without any license key; support and maintenance is offered to Dymola customers.

  • Full FMI support for both export and import.
  • FMI versions 1.0 and 2.0, Model Exchange and Co-Simulation.
  • MATLAB/Simulink (32- and 64-bit).
  • Simulink Coder Target for export of FMUs from Simulink.
  • Simulink FMU block for importing and embedding FMUs into Simulink models.

Native Simulink support

In addition to FMI, Dymola also supports export of S-function blocks for direct integration into the Simulink environment. The tool chain is fully compatible with HILS platforms such as dSPACE.

Hardware in the Loop (HIL)

Dymola can generate efficient code for HILS platforms, for example dSPACE and Concurrent. Additionally, source code generation allows the user to setup a tool chain for any environment that can compile C code models.

Python, Java and JavaScript

Dymola controlled from Python
Running Dymola from Python (click to enlarge)

Dymola can easily interface to common scripting environments such as Python and Java, permitting flexible scripting of common tasks. Parameters can be set and simulation results read with provided utility libraries. Data can be exported in various formats, including CSV for Excel and HDF5.

Interfacing Dymola and SIMULIA software

It is possible to interface Dymola and the SIMULIA tools Abaqus, iSight and Process Composer. This can be used for e.g. co-simulation. The image shows the animation of a yacht model riding a wave, with control surfaces modeled in Dymola. An example of Dymola and Abaqus co-simulation of a high fidelity anti-lock brake system is presented in this paper from the Modelica Conference 2009:
Interfacing Abaqus with Dymola: A High Fidelity Anti-Lock Brake System Simulation