Functional Mock-up Interface

FMI allows any modeling tool to generate C code or binaries representing a dynamic system model which may then be seamlessly integrated in another modeling and simulation environment.

The Advantage of FMI

A non-proprietary standard for exchange of simulation code

The Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) is an industry standard for combining simulation code modules (FMUs) from multiple tools and vendors. Developed under the auspices of the Modelica Association, the specification provides a well-defined and vendor-independent exchange format for code (binary or source) as well as associated data and documentation.

FMI is supported by a large number of authoring tools, including tools which are not Modelica based, making it the ideal foundation for a vendor independent simulation infrastructure.

Choice of exchange formats

The FMI specification defines two exchange formats. FMI for model exchange defines the interface for simulation code modules that must be combined with a common, central, solver. This ensures a uniform numeric solution and reliable centralized simulation error control.

FMI for co-simulation defines the interface for code modules with embedded numeric solvers, as used by the generating tool. This approach gives the opportunity to embed dedicated solvers for the modeled application, and facilitates compatibility with simulation in the authoring tool.

FMI Support in Dymola


Comprehensive FMI 1.0 and 2.0 support

FMI 2.0 (released on July 25, 2014) has been supported in Dymola since the Dymola 2015 FD01 release on both Windows and Linux. Dymola has supported the FMI 1.0 specifications for Model Exchange and Co-Simulation since they were released in 2010. Dymola passes the FMI 1.0 CrossCheck for both Model Exchange (export and import) and Co-Simulation (slave and master). Please consult the Dymola Release Notes and User's Manual for details on support of optional FMI features.

FMI 3.0

Dymola will support FMI 3.0 when it becomes available.

FMI tools for Simulink - FMI Kit

Dassault Systèmes provides tools with full support for FMU export and import with Simulink. The toolkit can be used for free without any license key.

FMI Kit for Simulink version 2.6 has been released in June 2019. Note that there may be updates between the official Dymola releases. Please download FMI Kit for Simulink from the project page on GitGub.

General features and compatibility information:

  • Full FMI support for export and import.
  • FMI versions 1.0 and 2.0 - Model Exchange and Co-Simulation.
  • MATLAB/Simulink R2012b to R2018b (32- and 64-bit).
  • Simulink FMU block for importing and embedding FMUs into Simulink models. FMUs exported with FMI Kit are self-contained do not require any coupling to Simulink to run in the target environment.
  • Simulink Coder Target for export of FMUs from Simulink.
  • Support for specialized simulation targets: Rapid Accelerator, RSIM, GRT, and dSPACE DS1005 and DS1006.