Alf (the Action Language for Foundation UML) is a textual language for coding detailed, executable behavior within an overall UML model. Alf is a standard of the Object Management Group (OMG), which is also the organization that maintains the UML specification. Alf is one of a suite of OMG specifications related to defining precise execution semantics for UML, building on the original Foundational UML (fUML) specification.

Key Benefits

  • The Magic Alf Analyst allows you to use the Alf language within Magic Model Analyst.
  • It provides both a syntax-aware editor for entering and updating Alf code, and a compiler for translating Alf code into fUML activity models.
  • Behavioral specifications written using Alf code are fully executable in the context of class, activity and state machine models.
  • The Alf Plugin supports the Alf language at the “Full Conformance” level, i.e. it provides a complete action language for representing behavior within a UML model created in the usual way in MagicDraw.