A New Era of Collaboration

Create best-in-class renderings and experiences without compromise. That’s DELTAGEN 2023x. Save product data in the flexible Universal Scene Description (USD) format and share it with most CGI tools and game engines in your creative ecosystem. Master your output with customizable presets that take the guesswork out of rendering. Stellar GPU-based Global Illumination now includes a Firefly Filter to save time while preserving quality. We’re taking interoperability to the next level by making it easy to manage Marketing Master Model creation and workflow in Collaborative Spaces on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform - bringing new efficiencies and enhanced collaboration to teams anywhere in the world. It’s a new day. Use DELTAGEN 2023x to create without limits.

What´s New in DELTAGEN 2023x


Benefit from the emerging Universal Scene Description (USD) format to bring your DELTAGEN Marketing Master Model into your creative ecosystem. DELTAGEN Marketing Models, including configuration and animation, can be shared via the USD format. Using this one type of exchange across most CGI tools and game engines enables huge time and cost savings on 3D pipeline streamlining and customization. It also enables a higher level of automation across all media productions.


Take advantage of Collaborative Spaces to seamlessly build up your Master Model data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Manage data access, maturity and revisioning to ensure lockstep collaboration from anywhere in the world.

  • GPU GI – Artistic Staging
    DELTAGEN 2023x lets users easily adjust ground shadow intensity to fine-tune lighting before rendering. Post-production benefits from a separate shadow pass. Perfectly compose your scene for maximum impact.
  • GPU GI - Presets
    Lock in quality with new standard and customizable settings for GPU GI rendering. Reusable settings save time while ensuring best-practice presets are utilized by team members at all levels.
  • GPU GI – Firefly Filter
    Lower hardware needs, not expectations. Stellar GPU-based Global Illumination now comes with a Firefly Filter to reach astonishing render quality that reduces strain on hardware without sacrificing time or efficiency.

Core Functionalities

DELTAGEN Plug-In Modules

Enhance the DELTAGEN functionality with highly specialized modules for your individual use case.