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a chatbot to advise people with lower mobility and their caregivers

We know that a chatbot is good, but human expertise is better, and we wanted to be able to do everything in a unique window. If we say to the bot that we want to be connected with an advisor, the bot switches to an advisor. The window’s color changes and the chatbot regains control when the Internet user got the answer to his question. Proxem has developed all of that for us.

Jérôme Desreumaux
Customer Relationship Director – Orkyn’

The context: a web portal to disrupt the home health industry 

Orkyn’ is a home health care provider. Their job? Provide medical devices and provide support to patients at home as part of therapy or for those with a loss of autonomy (diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, sleep apnea, disabling diseases …). Orkyn’ is a benchmark historic player in its market, providing services that meet all of the patient’s needs: from installing a medical bed to infusion devices.

The advent of the Internet has changed the lives of patients and caregivers.
1 in 2 people get information online and seek answers to their questions, without necessarily calling on healthcare professionals: this is what led Orkyn’ to launch Altivie, in order to offer pharmacists new visibility and enrich their offer with several partners in the field of home help (sales of home support equipment, home help services, making appointments with a home nurse … ).

Altivie is a web portal that brings together different services and products aimed at patients and caregivers. The site offers a lot of advice and buying guides, including editorial content to answer questions posed by patients and caregivers, and aims to direct them towards the solution adapted to their needs.

In this context, it seemed obvious to integrate a conversational dimension into Altivie, so that Internet users could easily ask their questions and be guided in their choices with the greatest responsiveness.

The need: a chatbot to guide and advise Internet users

How to choose a medicalized bed? and with what type of mattress to avoid bedsores? How to arrange my bathroom to avoid falls? What aids for meals to gain independence?

The website includes many articles and practical guides, but it was useful to allow Internet users to ask their questions directly, without having to navigate the site. A dedicated Altivie call center is available, but outside of its business hours, the bot is also very useful. This is why the establishment of a chatbot was essential.

Why a chatbot and not a traditional chat?
The project team anticipated that internet users would connect a lot in the evening and at weekends to find answers to their questions. It also needed to be able to manage large volumes of requests. A virtual agent is available 24/7, and is capable of handling several requests at the same time.
But it was also necessary to be able to switch to an advisor in the event of a complex question or a specific request from the user.

The choice of Proxem: reliability, flexibility, responsiveness

The objective of this chatbot: to be on a real conversational agent. Orkyn’s team wanted people to be able to ask their questions in natural language. It was therefore necessary to integrate NLP (automatic language processing) into this chatbot, and not be content with a questionnaire system based on a decision tree.

I had used Proxem for customer voice analysis in another professional setting, and I understood how complex it is for the machine to understand human language. First you have to understand what people are saying, and then you can push the right answers. Only Proxem could do it, because it is the most advanced company on language understanding and semantic analysis. 

Jérôme Desreumaux
Customer Relationship Director – Orkyn’

The results: a scalable chatbot operational in 2 months

The project was developed in a very agile way. In two and a half months, the chatbot was operational.

With Proxem, we have a partner who comes with very specific questions and who is capable of clearing the ground. We don’t have to create a lexicon, the machine learns on its own. Our job has been to think about the answers to bring to all imaginable cases

Once the first version of the chatbot was operational, the customer relations teams tested it, and very quickly, it was ready to be deployed!

Once the chatbot is in production, it continues to improve continuously.
Orkyn’s teams log into Proxem Studio and can see all the questions asked, those that have been understood and those that have not been answered. They thus discovered that certain questions related to subjects which had not been identified, in terms which had not been anticipated. Thus, the model is constantly enriched with new questions, new answers, new formulations.

The access to questions is a very rich source of insights to understand how people think, what their needs are. This allows you to think about new offers.

Today, 10% of incoming contacts come directly from the chatbot; but most of the time, the chatbot serves as a filter, it answers the first questions and directs towards the right solutions (chat with an advisor, request for a quote, call, etc.).
The benefit of chat is above all an optimized customer experience and a facilitator for Orkyn’ advisers.

What happens next?

The ultimate goal? Let this chatbot also be used for training and coaching counselors. Indeed, it represents a real knowledge base on Orkyn’s offer and products and services: thus, it could help advisers in their daily work, especially when they are just starting out.

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