Don’t risk operational integrity with suboptimal plans

Avoid jeopardizing operational efficiency by relying on subpar plans. By embracing the appropriate solution, mine planners can craft optimized pit designs and then simulate a multitude of economic scenarios to formulate strategies ensuring the long-term viability of their operations. This exemplifies the essence of robust strategic mine planning: not merely maximizing immediate value, but rather ensuring sustained value and production across various market conditions over an extended timeframe. Through the adoption of a Strategic Mine Planning framework, facilitated by the right solution, a resilient mine plan capable of generating value for years to come becomes feasible.

Strategic Mine Planning — What It Is, How It Works

How can mine planners confidently say that they have a robust mine plan? Discover what it takes to optimize your mine’s design and then learn how powerful simulation can help you illuminate the value of your mine.

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Applying BZ Algorithm To Strategic Mine Planning

The GEOVIA Research & Development team has spearheaded the development of an advanced mine planning optimization engine driven by the powerful BZ algorithm. This groundbreaking solution engine is seamlessly integrated into the GEOVIA Strategic Mine Planner and the GEOVIA Pit Optimizer roles, both accessible via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

Strategic Mine Planning, The BZ Algorithm and Beyond

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