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Make mine planning decisions confidently even in times of market uncertainty

Though the future is unclear, there’s a way to illuminate the long-term value of your mine before you strike ground and commit valuable resources.

Don’t risk operational integrity with suboptimal plans

The way things are done today, which considers too few operational scenarios, is not enough to deliver the confidence mine planners need before starting operations. That is the old way, a way filled with unsustainable compromises.

With the right solution, mine planners can design optimized pits and then simulate thousands of economic scenarios to strategize the long-term viability of their mine. That is what robust strategic mine planning is all about: It’s not about capturing the most value now; it’s to ensure that value and production can be sustained over a long time horizon in a variety of market conditions.

With the right solution — that utilizes a Robust Strategic Mine Planning framework — it is possible to have a robust mine plan that generates value for many years.

Robust Strategic Mine Planning — What It Is, How It Works

How can mine planners confidently say that they have a robust mine plan? Discover what it takes to optimize your mine’s design and then learn how powerful simulation can help you illuminate the value of your mine.

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