The Industrial Minerals Business is Changing

Changes both within and outside of the industrial minerals sector are disrupting every aspect of the business.

An industry accustomed to largely stable and steady demand is facing increasing pressure to optimize efficiency and profitability by streamlining operations for maximum productivity.

To achieve this, quarry operators are finding they need better tools and new ways to address these mounting pressures, and to maintain enterprise viability and market position - but the available options frequently face entrenched and seemingly intractable challenges.

Providing viable answers to challenges

Increased costs, limited planning, limited data visibility, specialized skills limitations and increased reporting requirements are five key themes that are challenging the Industrial Minerals sector. 

Historically, operators have not had to worry so much about such themes as the abundant reserves and great volume would compensate. 

Today’s industrial minerals extraction require focused effective solutions. Fortunately, technology is succeeding in providing viable answers to many of the significant challenges operators face.  

Industrial Minerals Mining: Five Key Challenges. Five Advanced Solutions

How to overcome and succeed in these changing times?

Hacking Quarry Economics

Quarries don’t have the luxury of perfect sources from which to draw and deliver their products. 

Gone are the days of Carrara-like quarry sources with unblemished blocks from which Michelangelo could liberate the Madonna for his Pieta! 

Now product requirements are much more sophisticated and putting unprecedented demands on how quarries are exploited. Being able to mine intelligently is crucial to profitability and ongoing operational success.

Building a platform for sustainability

New integrated technologies are “ready for prime time”, making it easier for quarries to chart a course to reliable profitability and flexibility.

Are you wondering now what a best-practice industrial minerals planning process looks like?

Get the inside scoop from an industry veteran Paul Hartley, who has more than 40 years of experience in helping companies boost efficiency and profits. 

  • Learn how to maximize mine production at your quarry, whether the product is cement, aggregates, clays, diatomaceous earth, or other industrial minerals.
  • See an example step through of a mine planning solution for Industrial Minerals from geological modeling, planning, mining and production.
  • Find out how to: measure, estimate, model, plan, and finally refine your work.  

Planning and Optimizing a Quarry Production

Best-practice industrial minerals planning process

Optimized additive blending in industrial minerals

Many industrial minerals companies face challenges in maintaining product quality when their product needs to be blended with third-party additives to achieve a predictable and consistent result. 

The calculations required to blend the chemical characteristics and mining parameters necessary to extract material from the mine with keeping the cost of third-party raw materials to a minimum, and at the same time maintaining a consistent, quality product are usually a struggle.

Frequently those calculations are completed in a spreadsheet or by guesswork resulting in excess additive cost and an increase in product variability.  Watch this video and understand how to optimize a mine tactical schedule through simulation.

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