With vaccines beginning to roll out across the world, it looks as if we may finally start getting the global pandemic under control. As the health risks diminish, the economic impact remains. Rebuilding will take the combined efforts of a vast array of state and private stakeholders, but state-owned energy and materials enterprises will have a particularly crucial role to play in energizing economies.   Governments are therefore seeking to ensure they, and their State-Owned Entreprises (SOEs), make the right investment decisions, and that their SOEs have new means to help increase productivity in order to deliver the most public benefit. To achieve this, governments, authorities, and SOEs require better visibility and consistent governance over projects. Further, regulators need to be able to closely monitor compliance on safety and sustainability, while SOEs need to be more efficient and transparent to show they are delivering their intended benefits to the public. 

Going beyond digitalization to business transformation can be a power catalyst in enabling the evolution of SOEs value creation and management.

Delivering more value by unlocking the value of information

Data is one of the greatest assets on which SOE have to become more productive and to draw upon to help governments better understand how well they are performing and communicate about them. Yet, much of this data is trapped, hidden in inaccessible silos. By integrating it into a single platform, it becomes a powerful agent of change and innovation. This single source of truth brings consistency to engagement with, within and across SOEs. 

A single source of truth maintains the complete history of an SOE’s projects, allowing power plants, oil and gas facilities, and other developments to be upgraded and maintained more efficiently because all the information about them, from engineering drawings, to supplier details, is all readily accessible.  

When the right platform is used, one that can lock data down by role, sensitive information becomes secure and more resilient, because it becomes more impervious to attacks and outside access.  

A virtual world for better communications and innovation

In the virtual world, there is no misunderstanding, helping to improve communication with stakeholders and citizens. With it, governments and SOEs illustrate what projects will eventually look like and the impact they will have throughout their lifecycles. The virtual world also drives innovation to build the world of tomorrow and find ways to operate more sustainably, safely and efficiently today. It does this by enabling SOE’s to test ideas that would be cost-prohibitive to try out in the real one. Whether it’s imagining less harmful ways of processing and producing raw materials and end products or enabling a power grid that draws upon more renewable sources, the simulation it opens up new possibilities for the planning and engineering of a brighter future. 

Building a better tomorrow

Governments and SOE’s throughout the world rely on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to unlock new value from energy and materials businesses. With it, they are breaking down the silos between organizations and within them to improve the uptime of facilities for their customers, and to navigate global competition in the delivery of resources and more sustainable products. Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s ability to capture knowledge and allow job tasks to be experienced virtually before they are done, it is also enabling the workforce of the future and opening up employment to new and less skilled workers.

Building a better tomorrow through digital transformation and the power of 3DEXPERIENCE

By leveraging digital solutions to better align with governments, Energy & Materials State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) can contribute to build a more robust and sustainable economy in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.

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