In the world of energy and materials, increasing competition and pressures for sustainability are opening up new opportunities for innovators to do things differently and develop new business models. New business models are as diverse as the companies that pursue them. Some programs may involve offering richer value-adding services through enhanced collaboration with customers; changing the business one is in to develop new products from the resources they produce; striving to beating the competition to market with new, differentiated products and formulations; or perhaps becoming a hub to green share energy from the solar fields that power operations.

Whatever the objective, businesses need to be able to work differently than they do today and become more agile. That’s where Business Transformation comes into play. Business Transformation platforms go beyond simple digitalization to eliminate the silos between disciplines, people, processes, and resources, allowing for a common understanding of everything and multi-faceted optimization within and across functions.

Business transformation is about improving the way individuals work together. By making sure relevant real-time information is available to all project stakeholders – from the remotest field engineer to the director of manufacturing at head office. That way everyone can collaborate both vertically across the boundaries of functions, departments, organizations, and geography, as well as horizontally, weaving a digital thread throughout the lifecycle of their projects, from fundamental research to industrialization.

When people are better connected to one another and to a single source of truth, they can freely – yet securely – capitalize on knowledge and know-how by sharing and building on their ideas and expertise, bringing together data from different sources in intelligent ways to reveal yet undreamt of formulas, designs, and methodologies.

Once the information exists only once for the entire organization and its ecosystem, different people in different job roles can collaborate in real-time without risks of using non-applicable information. This yields an acceleration in terms of cycle time, whether in innovation, projects or operation routines. This means that companies can speed-up how quickly they go to the market and adapt to market changes, thanks to a more differentiated offer based on novel products or business models.

The Benefits of Working Together on One Platform

Dassault Systèmes® 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a platform for Business Transformation. With it, customers have realized significant benefits. 

  • 6% productivity increase for large capital projects thanks to a single source of trusted information from multiple disciplines that is up to date and able to be capitalized for future reference allowed a customer to.
  • 60% reduction in time spent on critical work processes, including proofing, reviewing, validating and certifying construction procedures thanks to a structured approach.
  • With clear goals and effective monitoring capabilities, capital projects have targeted on-time and on-budget execution, while reducing costs and improving efficiencies. A company using this solution reported a 15% cost reduction during the detailed engineering phase of a complex facility.

Beyond Digitalization to Business Transformation

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