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Prepare for the Mass-Customization Revolution & Possible Disruptions

The next generation of the supply chain is upon us and it requires new, intelligent approaches to manage today’s new risks and possible disruptions.  Managing unique consumer product configurations requires being able to quickly scale production, redirect manufacturing skills, quickly manage material requirements, and have agile re-planning.  It will also require being flexible and finding ways to deliver unique products directly to the consumer efficiently and quickly. 

With the impact of economic crises, climate change, trade wars…sourcing the right raw materials and components is becoming more and more challenging for Home & Lifestyle companies.  The result will be a new way to cost-effectively manage customization, configuration, personalization, and delivery as well as vastly improve the performance of traditional product supply chains to enable more sustainable sourcing strategies. 

The Definitive Guide to Supply Chain Sustainability

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Accelerate with Manufacturing and Logistics Intelligence

Home & Lifestyle brands and manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to minimize costs and risks over the entire supply chain while maximizing consumer satisfaction. New product types and personalization opportunities require systems that brings adaptability and can intelligently shift between mass production and mass customization through sustainable sourcing in the supply chain. Manufacturing simulation technologies optimize efficiency and lower costs while factory optimization tools intelligently manage scale, skills, material volatility, and compliance. Finally, advanced delivery logistics help companies to deliver anywhere, anytime, while remaining cost-controlled.

Laboratoires M&L - Improving natural cosmetics compliancy & time-to-market

Laboratoires M&L, the manufacturing division of L’Occitane Group, needed to improve production planning flexibility to deal with the fluctuations in natural raw materials and to deliver its products on time to support its solid sustained growth. In this story, discover how, with the help of DELMIA Manufacturing Operations Management solutions, the company managed to:

  • reduce the rate of non quality
  • cut waste by 50%
  • improve industrial performance
  • stop interrupting production for inventory purposes

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