3DEXPERIENCE EDU provides teachers and students with a broad set of tools to create 3D experiences of the city by leveraging referential data and enhancing city representation with 2D or 3D symbolic overlays or with large-scale details.

Reveal the challenges and break down the complexities of urban design and planning with multi-scale contexts and coordinate stakeholders over common-situation awareness.

Discover Virtual Planet

Teach the software solutions used by the world's industry leaders

Create immersive experiences

Explore various ranges of visualization settings to explore frontier data and project conveyance in urban contexts.

Model Twin cities

Visualize, analyze and collaborate over urban simulation by extending virtual twin experiences of the city.

Eliminate Silos

Enable cross-functional teams to work throughout the innovation process within your institution or across the globe.

Certify your students

Shout it out to the world! Integrated learning paths come with the official Dassault Systemes certification exams that students can showcase on resumes and social media.

Connect to the industry and practice with your students with our dedicated learning experiences


Industry connection

Discover how we help AEC Industry maximizing construction sustainability and project profitability through collaboration and productization


Collaborative Project in Construction Field

Learn how to manage and collaborate within a construction project

Virtual Planet software solutions

Each 3DEXPERIENCE for Education domain is structured as a set of roles corresponding to typical industry activity profiles.
These roles come with all the needed applications (Apps) to experience the best learning practices.


3DEXPERIENCE for Education encompasses a suite of world-class integrated applications for each domain, browse to learn more!