Design & Engineering is CATIA's playground. Explore the full suite of educational solutions dedicated to CAD, design, mod-sim, systems engineering, styling and architecture that support collaboration among all project members and stakeholders.

Product development has become increasingly complex as customers demand better functionality, performance, quality and environmental sustainability. Design and engineering begins with innovative modeling tools that provide insight into key factors such as quality and performance early in product development.

By combining digital prototyping with simulation and analysis to create a virtual twin, engineers create and analyze products while they are still being developed in different operating environments. Companies must control all interactions to quickly assess change requests and develop new products with cross-disciplinary collaboration through a structured systems engineering approach.

Design / Engineering software solutions

Each 3DEXPERIENCE for Education domain is structured as a set of roles corresponding to typical industry activity profiles.
These roles come with all the needed applications (Apps) to experience the best learning practices.

Get serious about Design & Engineering

Teach the software solutions used by the world's industry leaders.
Redesign your Products and Processes to Achieve Radically New Sustainable Innovations

Prepare students for the future of industry

Edu solutions let you experience the collaborative engineering practices of industry leaders and increase employment opportunities.

Get latest CATIA's cutting-edge applications

You won't miss a thing! Edu solutions are continuously enhanced with industry-proven applications.

Eliminate Silos

Within your institution or across the globe, enable cross-functional teams to work throughout the innovation process.

Certify your students

Congrats! Your students are now learning CATIA. Let's tell the world! Integrated learning paths come with official Dassault Systemes certification exams that students can showcase on social media.

Highlights on Eco-Design Engineering for Education

Teach the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology and bring a new circular mindset for a more sustainable future!

Connect to the industry and practice with your students with our dedicated learning experiences


Industry connection

Discover how we help Design & Engineering industry redesigning products and processes to achieve radically new sustainable innovations


Bridge Design with CATIA

Learn about civil infrastructure engineering & how to design a cable-stayed bridge using CATIA within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform


xGenerative Design

Combines graphical visual scripting and interactive 3D modeling, with the ability to use one or the other interchangeably at any time

They trust us!

For today's young tech-savvy generation, using advanced modeling tools comes naturally. A huge benefit is the platform’s dashboard, which allows us to develop and capitalize on their past work and enrich it with the findings of the next intake of students

Julien Duquennoy
Julien Duquennoy
Faculty Member- Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle (France)

The key goals that we have at RMIT is to ensure that all our graduates are ready to work with the industry and that’s why our partnership with Dassault Systemes is so important to help them become more work ready.

Adrian Mouritz
Adrian Mouritz
Dean of Engineering- RMIT (Australia)


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