Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, DELMIA delivers solutions to address the most challenging situations manufacturers experience today. We connect the virtual and real worlds to empower our customers worldwide to collaborate, model, optimize, and execute supply chains, manufacturing, logistics, and service to achieve strategic business results.

Experience manufacturing and production in the context of a digital factory based on industry leaders' practices and requirements.

3DEXPERIENCE Edu provides teachers and students with a broad set of simulation tools from simple NC Manufacturing needs to high-end robot and production line simulation apps. 

Manufacturing / Production software solutions

Each 3DEXPERIENCE for Education domain is structured as a set of roles corresponding to typical industry activity profiles.
These roles come with all the needed applications (Apps) to experience the best learning practices.

Get serious about Manufacturing & Production

Teach the software solutions used by the world's industry leaders

Prepare students for the future of industry

Edu solutions let you experience the collaborative engineering practices of industry leaders and increase employment opportunities.

Get the latest cutting-edge applications

With an ideal environment for experiencing the methods practiced and required by various industries, from small facilities to large multi-plant configurations and capabilities to further automate the design of assembly processes, especially in heavy industry, shipbuilding, construction, automotive and aerospace.

Integrated Business Planning

Linking supply chains with engineering and manufacturing processes.

Certify your students

Congrats! Your students are now learning DELMIA. Shout it out to the world! Integrated learning paths come with the official Dassault Systèmes certification exams that students can showcase on resumes and social media.

Connect to the industry and practice with your students with our dedicated learning experiences


Industry connection

Discover how we help Manufacturing & Production Industry optimizing manufacturing processes, production and execution to achieve operational excellence


Battery Recycling

Optimize engineering from molecule to system in designing safer, long-lasting, fast-charging and sustainable batteries


Robot Digital Twin

Learn how to interact with a robot such as 'KUKA' by leading it in kinematics, dynamicsbut also using an 'FMU' interface

They trust us!

Dassault Systèmes solution gives you a lot of guidance in calculating the amount of time to be spent on each stage of a project and they alert you when something urgent needs to be done – all on a single collaborative platform!

Alejandro Sandoval
Alejandro Sandoval
Student (Venezuela)

There were numerous benefits to adding the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to our courses, that is to say we tried first and foremost to increase and deepen our knowledge of the tools, to develop not only the product but also what are known as PLM systems, and all those tools enabling integration of business processes, clearly configuring the business process all the way from design through to spare parts. As an added benefit, we wanted to educate and inspire students on collaboration and PLM on a global scale

Stefano Tornincasa
Professor, Polytechnic of Turin University, Department of Management and Production Engineering


3DEXPERIENCE for Education encompasses a suite of world-class integrated applications for each domain, browse to learn more!