Access a portfolio of tightly integrated cloud-based solutions built on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that perfectly fits the needs for for product developers, mechanical designers and engineers.

Reduce repetitive steps using powerful integrated AI and machine learning capabilites and streamline your designs through a single modeling environment with built-in version that prevents the risk of overwriting data.

3D Design software solutions

Each 3DEXPERIENCE for Education domain is structured as a set of roles corresponding to typical industry activity profiles.
These roles come with all the needed applications (Apps) to experience the best learning practices.

Get serious about 3D Design

Teach the software solutions used by the world's industry leaders and conquer any design challenge with SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer

Prepare students for the future of industry

Edu solutions let you experience the collaborative engineering practices of industry leaders and increase employment opportunities.

Easily create conceptual and detailed designs

Using flexible design workflows and built-in intelligence

Build complex models

Using specialized capabilities for sheet metal, cast parts and weldments, surfacing, and more

Create photorealistic product renders

Directly from the design reference


3DEXPERIENCE for Education encompasses a suite of world-class integrated applications for each domain, browse to learn more!